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Finney’s MMA Head Coach Jesse Finney made national headlines in December for subduing a thief fleeing the manager of a local grocery store.

The story has been covered by several local and national news networks, including CNN and Fox Sports Midwest. It was also featured on the front page of the biggest mixed martial arts website in the world,

Some of the networks covering this story:

• CNN: Ex-MMA Fighter Tackles Suspected Thief
• Yahoo News: MMA Fighter Stops Crime, Subdues Vodka Thief
• Fox Sports Midwest: MMA fighter saves the day at grocery store
• SunsetHills-CrestwoodPatch: MMA Fighter Stops Crime, Slams Thief to Ground at Crestwood Schnucks
• KMOV Channel 4 News: Professional MMA fighter thwarts burglary at St. Louis County grocery store
• KTLA Channel 5 News: Shoplifting Suspect Stopped by MMA Fighter
• KTVI Fox 2 News: MMA Fighter Stops Crime, Slams Thief to Ground at Crestwood Schnucks
• KTRS Big 550: MMA fighter stops robbery at local Schnucks
• The Inquisitr: MMA Fighter Stops Crime, Thwarts Thief In Missouri
• Maplewood-BrentwoodPatch: MMA Fighter Slams Suspected Thief to Ground at Crestwood Schnucks
• The Underground ( Pro fighter subdues vodka thief in MO
• Vigilante MMA fighter stops Vodka thief in MO!

We are honored to receive such a positive response and want to thank the networks that covered this story! Thank you!

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