• New! Athletic training program!

    New! Athletic training program!

    New! Athletic training program! This training program is perfect for athletes of all ages. We train elementary school beginners, high school athletes, college stars and even professionals. Call us at 314-821-1144 to schedule a complimentary training session today!

  • Evidence Suggests Martial Arts, Wrestling, Grappling Best For ADHD Children

    Attention deficit disorder is a very common occurrence among children. For those who are hyperactive, it’s always best to get involved with sports, as they offer many benefits including physical exercise, development of social skills and development of self-worth. However, not all sports are equal. To give you a glimpse at how many might be

  • Health Fair and Open House

    Come by the gym on September 15th for our open house! Lots of training classes to get an early workout in, and then lots of food, activities, special deals and giveaways to enjoy the rest of your day! You don’t have to be a member to come check out the fun. All are welcome!